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Nusu - Espresso Blend

Nusu - Espresso Blend




Kenya & El Salvador

Tasting notes

Amaretto, Nougat and Macadamia

Our first Peaberry blend makes for a beautifully smooth sip. PB beans are characterised by a naturally occurring mutation whereby they only have one seed growing inside the coffee cherry, rather than the two seeds that other cherries have. Many coffee graders believe this leads to a sweeter and more caffeinated bean.
Brew Guide

Nusu is best used for espresso, stove top, aeropress or plunger brew styles.

Behind the bEANS

Wake up dream big applies to every area of our business model and bean  farming is no exception. Why source from a third party when we can be on the ground, in direct contact with the farmers? This is the only way to ensure two vital things: bean quality, and ethical sourcing. When we say ethical, we mean it: fairly paid farmers, a sustainable supply chain and a local team that we actively invest in and treat like family. We are fastidious about every step of the process, which means you can expect the *best* cup of coffee, every time.We control the entire process from farm to cup for two reasons: quality and consistency. All our beans are roasted in house at our Ringwood location and sourced from farms that we are directly connected to – ensuring the best brew, every time.

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