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a different type of coffee culture

We’re here to challenge the status quo, through quality coffee. Our vision came first – to create a business that would allow us to make change in global communities. A model that would inspire others to wake up and dream big. We’re here for a different kind of daily grind. Our values based model doesn’t come at the expense of the beans. Achieving the highest quality brew, consistently, is our number one priority.

How We Started

Our purpose is to inspire others to wake up, and dream big. To see change, you have to be the change and we want to instil the belief in our community that anyone can achieve whatever they set their mind to – and finding success doesn’t always mean following the road most travelled. We’re turning the coffee game on its head and coming at it with a new perspective and fresh approach. Wake up, dream big is the premise on which saazaa was built, and is what we come back to when making all of our decisions. saazaa reflects the unique value and unmatched quality that we see in everyone.




We know every single person is valuable and important, and has a unique set of gifts to share with the world. Inspiring people to think outside the box, to have self belief and to achieve their greatest ambitions is why we’re here.


They say consistency is key. We say consistency is everything. Our beans never compromise on quality and we are fastidious about every detail from the soil the beans are grown in, the roaster and roasting process, to the purpose-made packaging your order arrives in.

Ethical practice

Ethical: a word too often used without having earned the right to claim it. We walk the ethical talk throughout our entire supply chain, our hiring decisions, and business practices as a whole. saazaa was established with ethics at our core – and every decision comes back to whether it will make a positive impact on people and their community.


We’re using coffee to create communities; bringing together people from all walks of life and all over the world. It’s about creating something bigger than the perfect flat white. People are at the heart of what we’re here to do: to inspire, teach and learn from others.


It goes hand in hand with ethics and community; every person is welcome through our doors, and in our team. We value people for who they are, not what they are or what they’re from.


Our first roastery opened in Ringwood, with the coffee shop soon after. This location embodies where we’re at right now: focussing on creating a coffee experience (with options from in depth tastings to a quick takeaway of the daily blend, and tours of the space). So far, we’ve released a handful of bean varieties that we’re incredibly proud of. Keeping our quality expectations so high means that we take our time with the sourcing and roasting process. You can expect the perfect brew, every time.


We’ve ventured into numerous countries for our sourcing to date (Kenya, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Columbia and El Salvador). Our approach is less about expansion and more about understanding the different beans from specific locations around each country. We’re taking our time to get the most we can out of each region, before moving onto the next.


On the home front, we’re innovative in our practices with a different approach to team culture. We’re a quickly growing team at our Ringwood location – all of whom share our values of learning and love of coffee. We hire for cultural fit, build upon existing skill sets, and teach completely new ones. The team are encouraged to challenge their own version of the status quo, move beyond their comfort zone and evolve into more dynamic people. We actively invest in our team because we want them to leave saazaa with the ability to find success – whatever that means to them.


Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) is coming up in September where we’ll be flexing our beans alongside the best roasters in the business. Keep your eyes peeled to our social channels and stay up to date on the design and build of our *epic* showcase.


Those big dreams we mentioned? We weren’t exaggerating. Importantly, we’re here to challenge what the existing coffee industry looks like, and instead pioneer our own approach: a means of educating, supporting, changing lives and ultimately making a positive local and global impact.

What’s coming…

In (very) broad strokes (and whilst keeping a few cards close to our chest), here’s how we’re going to keep that out-of-the-box thinking, and inspiration coming:

• We’re buying farmland in Kenya this year because it’s the only way to be 100% certain that our farming practices are ethical (for people and planet), and for complete quality control‍
• Paying our farmers fairly will have a ripple effect for their families and communities
• We will be building schools and hospitals in the regions our farms are located in
• Our future event proceeds will be used to support the Massai tribe. You can read more about that here
• We’re opening more cafes and roastery locations for two reasons: to showcase our coffee (and promote sales, to help more people), and to provide more employment opportunities
• We will continue to invest in upskilling and training our team, giving them the opportunity for growth and ability to follow whatever career path they have in mind.Wake up, dream big.


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