A Higher State of Bean.

The coffee industry is broken.

Unsustainable farming, underpaid growers and sub-par beans. Sure, you can buy a decent flat white but at what cost.

We’ve seen the light and are on a mission.

Not only to brew the best cup of coffee but brew a better future for everyone. Having our own farms gives us complete control of the supply chain. This leads to happier farmers and a better bean.

SAAZAA is coffee with a conscience.

We believe in honesty, equality and fairness. (and not just in the coffee industry). So forget the status quo. We’re here to innovate and create change. We think big, aim high, and act bold. You should too.

A Higher State of Bean.

Good Coffee is Down to Earth.

We’ve ventured into numerous countries for our
sourcing to date (Kenya, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Colombia
and El Salvador). We take our sourcing slow and get to
understand the different beans produced around each country,
before moving on to the next.

We're relentless about every detail, from the beans'
soil to the roasting process and packaging,
ensuring no compromise of quality.

For the People.
For the Community.

People are at the heart of what we do. Every person
is valuable and unique. Our purpose is to inspire
people to aim high and achieve greatness. 

We embody ethics in all aspects. From supply
chain to hiring and business practices, ethics is our
foundation. Every decision revolves around creating
a positive impact on people and their community.

Beans of the Future.

Our plans for the future:

Buying farmland in Kenya to ensure our farming practices
are ethical and for complete quality.

Keep paying our farmers a fair wage.

Building schools and hospitals in the regions
our farms are located.

Future proceeds will be used to support the Massai Tribe.
Read about that here.

Opening more stores to showcase our coffee and
provide employment opportunities.

Continue to invest in training our team, to give them the
opportunity for growth and achieving their dreams.