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Introducing our unique line of original candles. In our mission to reduce waste and make the most of every resource, we have developed a creative solution using coffee beans. Instead of discarding them, we transform these aromatic beans into candles that not only provide a warm glow but also emit delightful scents.

With single origin coffee candles, you can experience the inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee in a whole new way. Each candle is carefully crafted to capture the distinct fragrance notes of premium coffee beans sourced from specific regions, giving you a unique olfactory experience.


SUKARI | House Espresso Blend
Origin | Kenya, Colombia, Guatemala
Tasting Notes | Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel, Plum

RAFIKI | Single Origin Espresso
Origin | Kenya
Tasting Notes | Toffee, Cherry, Walnut, Cinnamon

ASALI | Single Origin FIlter
Origin | Colombia
Tasting Notes | Strawberry, Lemonade, Honey

Behind the bEANS

Wake up dream big applies to every area of our business model and bean  farming is no exception. Why source from a third party when we can be on the ground, in direct contact with the farmers? This is the only way to ensure two vital things: bean quality, and ethical sourcing. When we say ethical, we mean it: fairly paid farmers, a sustainable supply chain and a local team that we actively invest in and treat like family. We are fastidious about every step of the process, which means you can expect the *best* cup of coffee, every time.We control the entire process from farm to cup for two reasons: quality and consistency. All our beans are roasted in house at our Ringwood location and sourced from farms that we are directly connected to – ensuring the best brew, every time.

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